riots terre rouge

Riot At Terre-Rouge On 10.08.14 After A Minor Road Accident

The village of Terre-Rouge was in a specially chaotic situation yesterday (10.08.14) during the afternoon – a riot involving quite some acts of violence took place that lasted for at least half an hour. This happened after a man and his wife on motorcycle were almost hit by a car on the road. After the incident, they returned home. However, the angry car driver was not done with them. He brought groups of people to the residence of the couple to get even at them…


A man and his wife were travelling on their motorcycle when a car coming from the opposite direction practically knocked them down – according to what the woman in question narrated. When this happened, the man told the driver of the car that he should exercise more caution on the road. The driver of the car, obviously not pleased at hearing these words, got out from his vehicle and hit the man on the motorcycle; the latter was able to defend himself by way of his helmet. After this sad and violent incident, the man and his wife returned home. However… The afternoon was not going to be spent peacefully, with them enjoying the festival Rakhi that they were to celebrate on that day.

In less than 20 minutes after the couple returned home, as they related, more than one hundred people wound up at their residence. They were armed with iron bars and they broke open the gate. The frightened couple closed themselves inside their house. The people then began to break the window panes of the house, shouting for the man to come out. After some time, seeing that the people were not going to stop, and trying to calm things down, the man did get out of the house. To talk, maybe? But, discussing was not on the plan of the violent men… The men involved in the riot seized the occasion to beat him black and blue when he emerged from the safe walls of his house.

riots terre rouge

The police was immediately called onto the grounds. Policemen assisted by officers from the Special Supporting Unit attempted to put an end to the hectic situation. While trying to enforce law and order, a policeman even got hurt, amongst many others who were injured.

It was only by 19h00 that the situation was brought back to normal and road circulation became fluid again.

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  • The ex-Attorney general gave a clear example of Road Rage and yet was acquited !!

    …Accident never happened premeditated…

    Primitive and short minded

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