Search For MH370 Malaysian Flight Focused Further South of The Indian Ocean

The search for the missing MH370 Malaysian flight will now be done further south of the Indian Ocean. This announcement has recently been made by Australian officials after Malaysia and Australia signed an agreement to share the costs necessary for the new strategy.

MH370 search area

The search for the missing Malaysian aircraft flight MH370 is still on. Ever since it went missing on the 8th of March 2014, several countries have been putting their efforts together to find the airplane – any trace of it. Until now, not one single debris of the aircraft has been discovered in spite of coordinated and intense searches. While the public seems to have stopped talking about it, the authorities have not given up the hope of finding out the cause behind the disappearance of the plane. Australian search troops have never ceased looking for signs of debris in the Indian Ocean.

Australia recently announced that it will now focus the search efforts on the south part of the Indian Ocean. New satellite data seems to indicate that the plane might have gone further south than it was previously thought. This brings the search to a new phase which will begin in September. The next step to be taken will be made possible by investments pooled in by both Malaysia and Australia – the search is expected to cost around A$ 52 million.

The search area was already determined months back when the search began. Experts had drawn out the possible perimeter of the location of plane debris, if any – this has not changed; rather, the attempts will now be focused further south. The southern region of the Indian Ocean will be the prioritized area of search.

The plan is to send out three vessels which will deliver underwater vehicles to scan the area for any debris.

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