Second Autopsy of Corpse of Harmon Chellen Reveals Injuries Near Temple Area (head)

The autopsy of the corpse of Harmon Chellen performed in Mauritius revealed injuries on his temple that were not documented by the medical officers of Seychelles who had also carried out a postmortem examination. This suggests that the case entails foul play, but no concrete evidence has been discovered yet.

harmon chellen

The unexpected death of Harmon Chellen was riddled with mysteries, specially so that hours before his dead body was found in the sea of Seychelles, to where he had traveled to attend a graduation ceremony where he was the guest of honor, he had gone to the police station after an allegation was made against him having attempted to rape an employee of the hotel where he resided during his stay. An autopsy was carried out to determine the cause of death: did he drown by accident, or does the case involve foul play? The first postmortem examination revealed nothing much…

A second autopsy was performed by the Mauritian authorities on Friday 22nd of August when the corpse was sent to the island. The autopsy showed that Harmon Chellen had injuries on the left side of his temple. This piece of information seems to hint at the theory of foul play. It is to be noted that the first autopsy done by the Seychelles authorities did not reveal these injuries; the latter concluded that Harmon Chellen drowned and died of asphyxia.

The lawyer of the Chellen family, Veda Baloomoody, had traveled to the Seychelles with the aim to finding out more about what really happened. However, he affirmed that nothing clear came out from the visit.

Another foggy aspect of the case is that the personal belongings of Harmon Chellen have not been found; his dead body was shirtless with socks on his feet. Items like his shirt, jacket and shoes are still missing – he was wearing these garments when he went to the police station hours before the discovery of his dead body. Investigators purport that these items could have constituted useful evidence.

The police of Seychelles are still looking into the matter and they will only inform the public when an update of the situation is ready.

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