Second Phase of Renovation of Plaza Coming Soon

Now that the first phase of the renovation of Plaza has been completed, the second phase will soon start off.


The second phase of the renovation of Plaza will soon be on. According to the plan, the village hall and the administration wing will be remodeled and refurbished. In two months’ time, the tenders for the works will have been sent out by the firm responsible for the renovation, Francis Wong & Associates, and the construction works will begin by the end of this year, as the town Mayor, Racheed Daureeawoo announced.

Last month, the firm Francis Wong & Associates bagged a sum of money amounting up to Rs 6 million from the town hall to cater for the requirements of the project. It then had two months to complete its report to be sent to the Central Procurement Board, where the procedures take a month’s time to be finished. Therefore, the tenders will now only be sent out in two months.

The second phase of the project will be made possible by an investment of Rs 40 million. The first phase concerned the mending of the roof, which costed Rs 87 million. The third one entails the the renovation of the theater itself, and is expected to cost around Rs 390 million.

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