Sex Enlargement Surgery Goes wrong in Mauritius – Clinic Personnel To Be Sued

A 39-year old inhabitant of Eau Coulée had an extremely bad experience when he set out to have his intimate parts enlarged at a clinic in the north of the island. He wished to increase the diameter of his penis but, the surgery did not yield the desirable results… So, now, the man wishes to sue the clinic for negligence.


They say, size does not matter. Or, does it? For some, it is indeed a big deal. Some cannot accept the size they’ve been endowed with to such an extent that they resort to surgery to change their natural settings just so they feel comfortable in their skin. Maybe this is what drove a young man to opt for surgical measures to enlarge his intimate parts… Little did he know that this could turn out into a complete disaster.

After the surgery, he went home. He was previously instructed to only remove the dressing after some time. When he did, he was astonished to find that the opposite of what he aspired to have happened: instead of having enlarged private parts, he now had shrunk ones. Uh-oh.

What he thought would be such a good decision turned out to be of the biggest disappointments. Luckily, though, his health has not been negatively affected by the process. But, the man is determined to sue the clinic because of the sad incident. He stated that he will wait for a few days’ time before starting off the necessary procedures entailed. He argues that the personnel of the clinic is to be charged with negligence.

Now, what’s the version of the clinic? When contacted, the latter responded saying that the case has been classified “lost to follow-ups” because the surgery dates back from a while now. According to the administration of the medical institution, the patient never went to see them immediately after noticing the ‘damage’ that has been supposedly done. How come he has waited for so long to file a complaint?

According to a surgeon, it is practically impossible for the result of this kind of operation to come out as the opposite of what was meant, since the conditions of the surgery have to be made clear very well in advance.

Well, oh well, what could have happened?

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