Squatters of Le Morne, The ‘Rightful Owners’ of Lands They Occupy, Appeal to The Government

A group of squatters of Le Morne village are raising their voices against what they view as an injustice: they argue that the State is depriving them of their lands. They present themselves as the owners of pieces of lands in the locality and wish for the government to allow them to stake their claims to the lands. Are the latter really theirs, though?

le morne

Life is full of blessings that we often take for granted, such as a roof over our heads, a house to call home – something which not everyone has been bestowed with. Those deprived then become squatters, either by lack of opportunities or lack of efforts…

Some squatters from the village of Le Morne have decided to plead for their case to the government. They have been occupying certain spots in the village, and now wish for the State to help them gain ownership of these lands. Wow, how bold!

They even went so far as alleging that the State is attempting to seize ‘their’ lands. Motivated by their desire to own what they view as their rightful claim, they wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, Navin Ramgoolam. A petition letter signed by around 200 people was already submitted to the authorities.

The spokesman of the group of squatters, Fabrice Auguste, has made a public declaration that these lands have always been occupied by their ancestors, and that they never felt the necessity to do paper works to prove their ownership. But now that they consider the government to be a ‘threat’ to ‘their’ lands, they wish to establish their ownership. Fabrice Auguste also added that this predicament has fueled quite some upheaval in society; he explained that a number of acts of violence have been perpetrated as a consequence. He also complained of how around 20 of them are having to stay in one single yard since they have nowhere else to go. Furthermore, Fabrice said that they could have used the lands for development projects in the village, having deplored the lack of proper infrastructure in the locality.

Finally, they hope that the State will return to them what they insist is their rightful gain: the lands in question.

The boldness of some people will always be surprising, right? Not having the papers to prove that the lands are really theirs, they have set out to defy the rules. But, the question is, who will believe them without evidence? And, are the lands really theirs?

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