Watch Out For The Supermoon On The 10.08.14 – You Don’t Want To Miss It!

Avid sky-watchers, watch out! August had been forecast to be the greatest month of 2014 because of the ‘scheduled’ supermoon event – the moon will be at its biggest and brightest. On Sunday the 10th of this month, the nearest sky will bare its beauty to us; the moon has always been considered a symbol of beauty, now just imagine it being even bigger and spreading out more light than ever.

supermoon 1

The moon only looks so much bigger when it is orbiting in a slightly elliptical trajectory, whereby it is the closest ever to the Earth – when it is at this point AND it is full, it is called a supermoon.

This year has been marked by another supermoon event some time back. Another one is to come on the 9th of September. But, the August one is by far the biggest.

What is even more exciting is that the supermoons are going to be pretty much visible to mostly everyone. Light pollution and the likes are not obstacles to watching the supermoon. If the sky is clear enough, it is conspicuous to all. The best time would be at moonrise, when the sky is not covered with clouds that could block away the view – wait till it gets right next to the horizon, and you will possibly see it bigger like never before. It is more likely to actually see the difference between what the moon is during the normal days and during supermoon events when the moon is next to familiar things like trees and buildings, as opposed to it being in the midst of stars.

Now, how much bigger and brighter? The difference is not phenomenal but enough for us to view it.

supermoon 2

If you’re well-equipped with professional cameras, keep them ready, and get some good shots worth keeping as memories for all your life!

Find the Mauritian moon schedule here.

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