Tamer Attacked By Tiger At Casela (Mauritius)

An animal tamer at the Casela park was attacked by one of the tigers. He ended up in the clinic afterwards. Luckily though, he was not that badly injured.

His colleagues have spoken out against the hazardous work conditions that they face.

Mauritius Tiger Casela ( large )

It is embedded in the instincts of felines to pounce on and attack their preys. They are carnivorous by nature, can we expect them to make the distinction between human and animal flesh? They are made for open areas, to hunt on their own. They are made to stay far away from human civilisation because of the danger they pose. Could we have expected that they’d be any less dangerous in man-made parks? However, it might not be about just this aspect. The employees of the park have complained about the level of security for the Safari Adventure activities.

The people working in the park have seized this incident as opportunity to point out the dangers they are exposed to during their work hours.

The wounded man is not of this opinion, though. He exclaimed that he was only slightly injured and that his condition will improve in a short while. He is now luckily out of danger. His health state stabilised and he is to return home soon enough.

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