Tourist Attacked By Mauritian Surfers At Tamarin Beach

An Italian tourist narrates how he was attacked by a group of surfers on the beach of Tamarin. They hit him with their surfing board while he was himself surfing in the Tamarin waters. They even followed him to the beach, insulted him, and ended up beating him. The latter is traumatized by what happened, and now wishes to travel to other countries for surfing. This occurrence is said to be quite common in the south-west region of Mauritius.


Mauritius is known for its beautiful, golden beaches – the dreams of tourists who travel all the way from their countries to what is called paradise island to sunbathe on its sandy coasts. What happens, though, when this dream-experience is turned into a complete horror by some Mauritian themselves? A tourist who was enjoying himself at the beach of Tamarin ended up being traumatized after an unpleasant encounter with some surfers.

The tourist in question, who wishes not to have his identity revealed, narrates that he and his wife were surfing in the lagoon of Tamarin.Since they are only at the beginner level, they did not take the risk of going into deeper waters. While he was kneeing onto his surf board, preparing to return on land, he saw another surfing board approaching him. The surfer was coming right in his direction, without even attempting to avoid hitting him. On seeing the impending danger, the tourist jumped into the water… Only to be hit at the level of the head by the surfer. He then returned to land. But, that was not going to be all.

While he was packing up his surf equipment, the surfer who had hit him came to meet up with him, along with two other persons. They told him that he had to pay for the broken board of the guy who hit him. Allegedly, the surfing board was damaged after it was used to hit the tourist. The latter refused to do so, since he believed that it was the fault of the surfer himself. The three men were surely not pleased with the reply they received. They began insulting him. Then, one of them hit the tourist, threatening him not to come back to the same beach again. After the incident, the tourist filed a complaint at the police station, but he was told that nothing could be done against the malefactors.

Actually, this seems to have evolved into something common at the Tamarin beach. A certain group of people wish to impose themselves on others who go to that particular beach. They are said to prevent others from surfing and using parking spaces. A fishing operator attested to this occurrence, saying that he works with tourists and he is aware of this situation persisting for around two years now. He further added that the same thing sometimes happens at the Morne beach. Certain surfers tend to feel territorial of some beach spots and dislike having others occupying them. As if they own the beaches…

Tourists are being repelled from our beaches by such unpleasant people who think they are the masters of the sea. This will surely negatively impact on the tourist sector. Should the beaches be monitored by the police now? At least some security measure must be put in force. Or else Mauritian beaches will cease to be safe places where to be.

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  • before jumping to conclusions as to who is right or wrong, we do not know all the facts. if mauritians are acting inappropriately, that’s a problem. BUT let’s not ignore also the fact that there are lots of tourists who come here who are very arrogant and they often display attitudes that they can do or say anything that equally is unwelcomed by many mauritians. I have met them in supermarkets and parking lots.

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