Two-Headed Dolphins Are NOT Something of Fantasy – They Exist!

A two-headed dolphin joined into one tail was found dead on the shore of a lagoon in Turkey. The man who made the queer discovery informed the police, after which the corpse was transported to a laboratory for further examination. And, guess what, the occurrence of conjoined marine animals has been witnessed in the past too.


Ever heard of dolphin-siamese? No, we are not talking of some fantasy or science fiction film. We are talking of an incident that happened in Turkey this very week. A dead dolphin was sighted by a teacher going by the name of Tugrul Metin on Monday of this week (11:08:14), on the beach in Izmir, located in the west of Turkey. This was no ordinary dolphin. It looked like something never seen before: it had two heads joined into one single body, with one tail.

The dead dolphin (or dolphins, you might sat) seemed to be one year of age. It made around one meter in length. The corpse was sent to a laboratory for analysis when Tugrul Metin informed the police of his discovery. When observed, the dead body revealed that the eyes on one of the heads were not fully opened. Additionally, one of them also had the two blow holes only partially opened. Experts have attested to the fact that this kind of dolphin is very much rare.

Even among humans, it is quite rare to have conjoined twins. Though it does sound more amazing when animals, specially marine ones, are found to be two-headed…

The dolphin is not the only aquatic animal having demonstrated this phenomenon. In January of this year, conjoined twin gray whales were found in a lagoon of Mexico. This one was estimated to be miscarried-calves because their size was way smaller than a new-born calf.

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