UoM Law Exams Cancelled Twice In 2 Years: Students Are Now Complaining

Law students of the University of Mauritius are decrying what they view as irresponsible acts of the faculty. Their examinations have been postponed twice in two years. They are now in a state of confusion: when will they sit for the exams? Furthermore, they have also complained against the way the lectures are delivered; they purport that the lack of preparation from the part of the lecturers has been of great disadvantage to them. They also added that the questions they have in exams are not covered in class.


law courses at UoM

Examinations put off by UoM

Students of the University of Mauritius (UoM) of the faculty of law are currently facing a dilemma: when will they sit for their exams? Are they to wait patiently? Are they to contact the authorities? In two years, the bar examinations have been cancelled twice. The students are thus now voicing out their opinions about the situation.

The complaints of the students abound

The students are now denouncing some of the things that happen in the faculty. They purport that the lectures delivered by the lecturers lack in preparation. The faculty has also faced a lack of lecturers which has delayed the resuming of classes for this academic new year. The law students of UoM have also complained of how some course syllabi were not even completed. Yet others have said that the syllabi on which the courses are based differ largely from the type of questions being set for the exams.

The students have also complained of having lecturers who not have enough practical experience and thus cannot deliver lectures in an adequate manner; the courses include more theory-based notes than information on practical cases, according to the students. In the past, the law courses were held in the capital of Port-Louis such that Senior Counsels were able to deliver the lectures themselves. But, when the classes were held in Reduit, they could not give enough time to lectures, to the detriment of the students.

Are the laments of the students justified?

The Council for Vocational and Legal Education

The institutional body which is in charge of the courses at UoM, the Council for Vocational and Legal Education (CVLE), affirms that the UoM is in agreement with the programme. However, an officer of the CVLE also added that it is indeed UoM that called off the examinations which were approved by the CVLE. The reason furnished by UoM for the request was a late resumption of the academic year.

The CVLE was put in charge of the law courses of UoM when the ex-Attorney General, Yatin Varma, voted for the amendment of the Law Practitioners Act in Parliament in 2011. A member of the UoM thereafter became member of the Board of the CVLE.

Senior Counsel, Antoine Domingue, condemning the cancellation of exams

The students are not the only ones displeased with the exams having been postponed. The President of the Bar Council and member of the administrative council, Antoine Domingue, Senior Counsel, has condemned the decision. He is of the opinion that it will only be detrimental to the students, for whom it will become increasingly difficult to sit for the exams later.

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