Mauritius Weather: Cold Week Ahead With Up To 90Km/h Winds

Mauritians, brace yourselves for a cold week coming ahead! Specially for those residing in regions of the central plateau.


Meteorologists have forecast that this week will start off quite morose. The sun might make a timid appearance, but it will also be accompanied by imposing winds, which will go to lengths to make their presence known, reaching speeds of 30 to 40 km/h in some areas of the island, and even up to 80-90 km/h in other regions.

The temperature bathing Mauritius will be lower than the average one: around 2° C below the mean temperature. The central plateau will be relatively cold at 18 – 20° C while the coasts will be characteristically hotter, at 22 – 25° C. The former will also be drained by the rain, specially during the night, all according to the forecasts.

The sea will be dominated by the heavy swells; hence, trips at sea are highly discouraged.

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