Yashika Bageerathi Passes Her British A-Level Exams

Yashika Bageerathi, who was deported from the UK in April, might not have had her other plans work out, but, she was able to sit for her British A-level exams through the collaboration of her school and the British Council. She has now passed the exams. Her future plans have not been proclaimed out loud to the media though.


Yashika Bageerathi has finally passed her A-levels after many agitated events some months ago. She was deported from the UK in April to Mauritius; she had to leave her family back there to return to the island all on her own. Her family, friends and teachers had protested against her expatriation while the British government had maintained their decision. From there on, one of the main worries of the girl was her A-level exams.

She was deported some weeks before her scheduled exams at Oasis Academy Hadley in England. However, she was reassured that she would be able to sit for her exams in Mauritius. Her mother was particularly anxious about her condition as she knew noone in the country…

And, now, after the hard times, Yashika has passed her exams. The school she attended in the UK together with British Council cooperated for her to complete her A-levels. She stated that she is infinitely grateful to those who have helped her through the difficulties she met with. “I am very grateful to a number of people who have made today happen. Although so many things have not worked out as I had hoped, it was a privilege to be able to sit British A-levels and ensure that my years of hard work did not go to waste. I really want to thank the staff and students of Oasis Academy Hadley. When you join Oasis, you are told you are becoming part of a family and the last few months have shown me that this remains true, even when you’re halfway across the world.”

Will she now be reunited with her family in the UK? Nothing has been revealed to the media and to public as yet. She had applied to five universities, all of which had replied back to her with favourable answers. She had also applied for scholarships at the Queen Mary University, and the University of Newcastle. It is unclear whether or not she will pursue her tertiary studies in England.

Yashika added that she will not be giving any interview to the media.

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