13-Year-Old Student of Hindu Girls Commits Suicide After Being Accused of Theft By School Management

Last Wednesday, 10th of September, the body of a teenage girl was found in “Bassin Bleu” at St-Paul. Beena Devi Joory was thirteen years of age, and was a student of Hindu Girls College. She has allegedly committed suicide. What could have pushed so young a girl to such an end? According to some of her family members, and friends alike, she ended her life as a consequence (direct or not) of having been accused of theft by the school management.


Circumstances before her death

She had woken up early on that day, and got ready to go to school, clad in her college tracksuit. Before leaving the house for school though, she told her mother that she had to fetch a copybook from a friend. She was seen on the streets by people who said that she had bought flowers and gone to the temple – which was not part of her daily routine.

Beena went missing

Meanwhile, her mother was not aware of where she had really gone to. After some time, the former became worried, wondering as to why her daughter was not home yet to leave for school. She told her brother to set out to find her.

Brother saw tracksuit in water of Bassin Bleu

As her brother went looking for her, he got near Bassin Bleu. There, he caught glimpse of a tracksuit similar to her sister’s in the water. A friend of the brother in question then notified the police. The latter immediately responded and ultimately took out the body of the young girl from the water.

Accused of theft by school management

The girl who was in form two this year ended her life just like that. What could have pushed her to do so? According to one of her aunts, the school management might have a share in what could have indirectly led her to such a fate. The aunt narrated that she had been accused to have stolen a fellow school-mate’s mobile phone. Beena was called to the office where the manager and the mother of the girl whose phone was lost met up with her. Thereafter, her own phone was seized, as related by the aunt.

Some of her friends are of the opinion that the humiliation she faced having been accused of the mobile phone theft led her to committing suicide.

Suicide, a global problem – one person ends his life every 40 seconds

The suicide rate worldwide is high enough to be a major cause of worry. The World Health Organisation recently published a report that included terrible statistics depicting the current global situation: all around the world, one person commits suicide every 40 seconds – that is how bad the situation has grown to be.

Did she really steal the phone?

According to what girls from the college have said, the mobile phone was found in the school bus by Beena who did not immediately return the phone. Thereafter, the manager of the school came to her class and accused her of being a thief there and then.

Her aunt blaming school management

Has this incident caused such stress that the young teenager decided to end her life? Her parents are inconsolable and they made no comment to the media. However, her aunt was interviewed and she said being of the opinion that the incident has influenced the girl to such an extent that she ended her life. She further added that seizing her phone was a mistake. She has been wondering as to what would have happened had she taken her phone with her on the morning of the 10th of September. Perhaps, her brother would have called her and she would have responded and ultimately returned home? But, alas, fate had it otherwise – no ifs and buts when the possibilities turned out to be something else.

Funeral of Beena Devi Joory on 13.09.14

The funeral of Beena Devi will be held today, 13th of September at 11h00 in the morning.


  • psychological support should be offered in all institutions to help students cope with what they are facing. hope private colleges will try to work on this

  • pas le croire sah jeune fille lah lin comet sucide mo penser ki bizen prend action kont sah school manager pasrki pas so travail sah foui 1 zenfant so sak li pense li liem la police ki

  • Did i just read, that they called her to the office, facing the manager and an angry mum, without any assistance ? If so, i hope indeed, that the manager will face a trial.Shame on them.
    RIP little girl.

  • This is no doubt bad management (obviously no speaking skills with teenagers) by humiliating that girl in front of her peers. If I was a man in power if would get rid of the person responsible and also take legal actions against that useless person.

  • Law of physics the every action there is an Opposite and equal reaction.

    The management of the College must have push her to the limit of what she was capable to withstand !

    Shame ? Will they draw a lesson ?
    Who ?

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