Mauritius Airport: 6 Sanitary Inspectors Transferred After Fake Ebola Case

Six sanitary inspectors at the airport have been transferred. This decision might have been fueled by an incident that occurred last week, whereby a man who had travelled to West Africa returned to the island suspected of being an Ebola virus carrier.


Six sanitary inspectors of the Ministry of Health who were posted at the airport at Plaisance have been transferred. Perhaps the decision of their transfer came as a consequence of what happened previously with the man who had travelled to West African countries. The latter was suspected of having contracted the Ebola virus, but went undetected at the security counters of the airport.

Rather, he went to the hospital days after he returned from abroad when he was suffering from high fever. Later on, it was discovered that he had malaria. However, it is said that he had lied to the authorities concerning his last destination before landing on the island. He had not divulged the fact that he had been to Guinea.

At the level of the ministry, it has been stated that an investigation is ongoing. The inspectors themselves are of the opinion that the transfer was the result of the incident concerning the man in question.

Now, we have six new sanitary inspectors at the airport, and they have been asked to do their best to extract the required information from passengers, specially from those who seem reluctant to speak about certain details.

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