Air Mauritius Will Soon Recruit More Mauritian Pilots

After Mauritian pilots reported to the Equal Opportunities Commission that they find it easier to be employed abroad than in the national airline company, an investigation was done to look into the matter. After having justified itself, Air Mauritius added that they now have a program adapted to include more and more Mauritian pilots in their staff.

The national airline company, Air Mauritius, had recently faced several complaints from Mauritian pilots who alleged that the job opportunities abroad were much more open to them than those available locally. They had even sent letters of complaints to the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC). The EOC had then looked into the matter and found out that more foreigners had been posted as pilots as compared to Mauritian ones, with the latter making only around 10 % of the pilots.

In the aftermath of the investigation, the Director of Air Mauritius, André Viljoen, finally stated that they will soon recruit more Mauritian pilots. The EOC, thereafter, said that they will have more follow-ups in the years to come.

After having reviewed the program of Air Mauritius, the EOC was reassured that gradually the current situation will change and qualified Mauritians will have more and more opportunities. It also explained that on choosing pilots on whose expertise depends the lives of 300 passengers, the ones who are the most apt have to be chosen, and so if the manpower cannot be found locally, there is no other choice but to look up to foreigners – this is what is said to have happened some years ago that has finally culminated into the current trend.

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