Biometric National Identity Card Court Case – Isk Sookun Presenting In Court As IT Expert

Isk Sookun, the information technology geek having allegedly stumbled across security flaws on the governmental website of the biometric National Identity Card (NIC), who was previously called upon by the lawyer of the man who had filed the court case against the state in relation to the new NIC, will testify in court today morning at 10h30 (05.09.14) as expert.

isk sookun

The fight against the new biometric National Identity Card (NIC) is still raging. The opponents of the new NIC are progressing ahead, having brought forth as expert witness in their favour. In the Supreme Court, the Judge Eddy Balancy agreed for Ish Sookun to testify as information technology expert. The latter has been involved in the anti-biometric NIC combat a while back when he claimed having discovered certain security flaws on the Mauritian government’s website for the NIC. Since then, he had joined the group of the opponents against the new NIC project and has also spoken his view and opinions out. The state lawyer, Shanawaz Namdarkhan, had put forth solid arguments contesting Ish Sookun appearing as expert. But, fate had it otherwise.

The court case was initiated by Rajah Madhewoo, whose lawyer, Sanjeev Teeluckdharry had called upon Ish Sookun to testify in court. However, Shahanaz Namdarkhan, lawyer appealing for the state, had explained that Isk Sookun cannot possibly present himself in court as expert since he possesses no university qualification. Consequently, Isk Sookun did not deny the fact, but he did state that he is a Linux Certified Professional. He further added that he has gained much experience working in the field, gleaning invaluable knowledge.

These explanations of Ish Sookun were judged reasonable by Judge Eddy Balancy who allowed for the former to testify as an expert.

Isk Sookun is expected to appear in court today, 5th of September, at 10h30.


  • Dear Isk Sookun, You should have said that you have a Diploma from the University of Massachusset…Institute of Technology USA or even a Phd !!…Believe me it’s impossible to prove that you are lying ..

    I Have a Case in my had someone claim to be an Associated Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing United Kingdom … It has been very hard to prove that he was lying !!!

    I just wonder how many fake professional are there here in Mauritius ?

    You remain an Expert for me as I claim also to be one !!!

      • Ish: I don’t need to be an Expert to make the diferrence between peanut butter and feacal matters ..
        Ish: Can give you a list of name I got from the net .. Just give point me in which pocket is your ID card and I give you your address and your ID number. Would you bet on resignation as Judge if I can do that ?
        Judge: hhuuuuuuuuu !!!!

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