Repairing Terre-Rouge-Verdun Road: Chinese Firm Sinohydro Bags Rs 762 Million Contract

A Chinese firm, Sinohydro, has bagged a contract worth Rs 762 million for repairing the Terre-Rouge-Verdun road. The construction works will begin in the coming weeks.


The first half of 2014 has been full of news reports of the newly-built Terre-Rouge-Verdun road network. In a short time after its construction, the road gave way to cracks and slits that have necessitated immediate action. The Terre-Rouge-Verdun road reparation will finally be undertaken by a Chinese firm called Sinohydro. The agreement has been contracted at Rs 762 million.

The challenges – preventing landslides

The first challenge that Sinohydro will have to face is taking measures to prevent landslides. Around 400 000 m3 of land will have to be removed in order to secure the partitions, all the while avoiding collapses.

Thereafter, the road will be enlarged by 3 kilometers.

Construction works to begin in a few weeks’ time

The road construction works will begin in the coming weeks, and are expected to last for around 18 months, according to a source from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. The public will be informed when the works start off and the road will be equipped with a number of road signs to guide drivers through it.

The road traffic is not expected to be particularly disturbed.

Costly projects

This project has seen massive investments from the government; already, Rs 2.2 billion have been pooled in. Furthermore, Rs 58 million was invested to stabilise the land itself.

The Colas group had thereafter asked for Rs 490 million for the works it was to undertake.

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