2014 CPE Exam Papers to be Reviewed to Allow More Students to Pass

Just some days before the examinations of the Certificate of Primary Examination (CPE) are to start, officials from the Ministry of Education as well as representatives from the Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) will be holding a meeting to review the current program with the aim to allowing more students to pass the exams. So, is the idea about reducing the level of difficulty of the papers?


The duration of the papers will be reviewed, and probably standardised to 1h30 all. Currently, the papers of the subjects mathematics, english, and french are of a duration of 1h45, while the history and science papers are of 1h each. To fit the questions in the time frame of 1h30, the challenging questions will be revisited and the number of subsidiary questions will be decreased.

In the light of the above, section B of the mathematics paper will be reviewed. Another suggestion that has been made is to allocate the same number of marks for both the english and french essays. The english essay is marked over 20, while the french one is marked over 15. The step expected to be taken now is to decrease the english essay marks to 15 as well. The suggestion has been made because primary pupils have more difficulties getting across the pass marks for english.

The level of the CPE examinations seem to be on the way to be decreased. Would this be the ideal solution?

Vinod Seegum, the president of the Government Teachers’ Union, said that while the program should be reviewed, the standard of the examinations should not be reduced.

However, an official from the ministry of Education has stated that the process to be done will have as goal to restabilise the papers and not to actually bring down the standard.


  • I think the oriental subjects should not be countable in the 4 A+ because this penalized the other students who do not do oriental language. Oriental subjects should be kept optional. Then the 4 A+ will be among Maths, English, French, His & Geo and science because the correction for oriental languages are not the same level as other academic subjects.

    • The level of education in Mauritius is NOT oriented to motivate creativity invention help the subject to make choice and take the right decision.

      All these should be called FOREIGN language either FRENCH or HINDI or MANDARIN or ARAB

      One can guest which community will be will be favored or penalized in which FOREIGN Language.

      Let say if student select HINDI then let all his papers be in HINDI

      MATHS AND History & Geo and science

      English being compulsory because of What ?

      And we will see whether Foreign language is a necessity.

      In Spain or Italy or Sweden …every subject are in the Local language.

      English is considered as a Foreign language. Compulsory ? Yes ? No ? Why should it be ?

  • Within six hours, 1:30 per subject

    and Science

    We will know was it worth giving six years of free education and transport to a child ?

    Was the level good? too low ? inappropriate ?

    Considering the rest of the developed countries in technology surely Not.

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