Death of Harmon Chellen: Did He Die After Incident At Police Station?

The Attorney General of the Seychelles has decided to open an investigation to find out as to what really happened to Harmon Chellen prior to his death. The latter had been summoned at the police station, and, in a matter of hours, he mysteriously disappeared to be found dead in Port-Glaud.

harmon chellen
The circumstances behind the death of Harmon Chellen are still shrouded in mystery. The corpse was found in the sea of Seychelles where he had travelled to in order to attend a graduation ceremony. On the day that he was supposed to return to Mauritius, he was summoned at the police station after having been accused of attempt to rape by a female employee of the hotel where he was residing during his stay in the Seychelles. Hours later, his dead body was discovered by an inhabitant of the region.

How did he get there? Did he leave the police station to go to the beach? Was he attacked, or was his death the result of an accident? All these questions have so far remained unanswered.

A communiqué was issued on Saturday 27th of September by the commissioner of police of the Seychelles, Ernest Quatre, stating that Harmon Chellen had left the police station of Port-Glaud unnoticed and without having sought prior permission to leave at around 12h10, and his dead body was found floating in the sea near Illette at Port-Glaud at around 14h50 (barely some hours later).

However, this report seems to be laden with discrepancies, according to the lawyer of the Chellen family, Veda Baloomoody. The entry in the record book of the police station shows that Harmon Chellen was reported to be missing at 14h28 – less than half an hour before the corpse was found in the lagoon.

The family of Harmon Chellen has thus requested for an independent investigation to be done to shed light on the affair.

The Attorney General of the Seychelles, Ronnie Govinden, had already decided to open a judiciary investigation when the police commissioner issued the communiqué. Ronnie Govinden had previously stated that he wishes to understand as to how a suspect who was in police custody could have disappeared from the police station.

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