Designer Drugs – White Widow, Spice, ‘Fraise’ – Attracting Youth of Mauritius

Designer drugs are the new favourite candy for young people. Despite the efforts put in by the authorities to control the entry of illegal drugs in the country with yet others sensitising both parents and the youth, youngsters are being particularly drawn to this type of drugs which include varieties like White Widow, ‘Fraise’, and Spice. According to a social worker, the young people like the very sound of the ‘gaudy’ names.
designer drugs

Youngsters, easy preys to designer drugs

Drug trafficking remains one of the major concerns of the authorities – the Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as the Anti Drug & Smuggling Unit (ADSU), assert that they are striving hard to protect the Mauritian population from this scourge. However, the situation is still challenging to deal with. Currently, the new craze is about designer drugs. It is the youth that has particularly been allured to this type of drugs; the latter have fancy names like Blue Magic, White Window, ‘Fraise’, AK47, Mushroom, Spice, Amsterdam. According to a social worker, Cadress Rungen, the very names of these synthetic drugs attract young people. What’s in a name, they ask? Well, names do have an appeal of their own, right?

The authorities at work

The ADSU has tightened security measures at the airport, at the port, and at the post office in order to prevent the drugs from being smuggled into the island.

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have also lent a helping hand in order to safeguard the youth of Mauritius from taking to drugs. For instance, the association “Lacaz A” is trying to include parents in their sensitization programs so that the latter inculcate these values in their children.

Expensive prices are not a deterrent, nor are unpleasant side-effects

However, in spite of all these efforts, designer drugs are still finding their ways to teenagers, whether they cost much or not. The most expensive ones include the AK47, the Blue Magic and the White Widow.

For example, the AK47, whose effects vary from mood changes to relaxation of the muscles to triggering hallucinations, costs between Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 per gram.

The use of the drugs has also been facilitated by the method of consuming them. The Blue Magic, for instance, is sold as pills, one of which costs about Rs 2000 – a pill that has far-reaching consequences: it contains morphine and increases the heart beat rate.

Others like the Spice and the Amsterdam are more affordable, at Rs 300 per packet.

The designer drug Mushroom even comes with unpleasant side-effects like vomiting, anxiety, trembling, and so on.

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