Symptoms of ebola

Ebola Alert: Unconfirmed First Case in Mauritius – Patient Quarantined

We may already have our first case of Ebola in Mauritius. (Update: Please find update below) – A man who has recently been to Mali and other African countries which are affected by the Ebola epidemic went through the security protocols at the SSR International Airport in Mauritius without anything suspicious detected. However, yesterday, the man was admitted and quarantined at the Souillac hospital.

Symptoms of ebola

Several tests will be done today, 17th of September, to confirm if the man is infected with the Ebola virus or not, and, it is expected that the results will be obtained today, at around 18:00.

Details to follow soon.

Update 21:00 (17 Sep 2014) – No confirmation yet by the MOH. We’re expecting a public release of the medical tests in the coming hours and will update this page tomorrow morning.

Update: 06:00 (18 Sep 2014) – It’s confirmed. Patient is NOT infected with Ebola. The man is instead suffering from Malaria.



  • please has it be confirmed about the news of nigeria being ebola ? as i prepared coming for a vacation to mauritius with my wife already there waiting for my arrival.. will be happy if a get the update as soon as possible as i have rebooked my ticket after my last seen update to be confirm the result of the news today

  • bogus article all too common with the kneejerk, rumor frothing, fact check ignorance of reporting in mauritius.

    the man would have been restricted form entry to begin with. 2nd it did NOT happen as writer claims. 3rd there was never suspicion of ebola by licensed physicians, only by the paranoid and rumor spreading people like this writer.

    just yesterday my mom who is mauritian, told me 3 different people told her there are 10 cases of ebola in mauritius. There have NEVER been a case in mauritius and that has not changed.

  • Some times ago two DutyFree staff died of H1N1 virus .it could have been infected passagers in transit …touching their credit cards….

    If think all airport staff having direct contact with incoming passenger should be in glass cabins and wear gloves while handling travel documents.

    • There hasn’t been a recorded AIDS related death in a first world country for more than five years. With the available drugs and advancements in modern medicine , AIDS is no longer a life threatening virus. What AIDS would do over many years if left untreated, EBOLA does in 3 days.

      EBOLA is a killer. There are still ongoing tests to identify a definite cure and the virus infects and kills within 3 weeks.

      With regards to quarantine, at this point in time, it is more to stop the infected person spreading the virus than it is to cure them.

      Regarding screening and precautionary measures, it is almost impossible to identify if an individual is infected during the 2-21 day incubation period. They would walk straight through the airport and only show symptoms once the virus completes incubation. By this point they are likely to have infected other people and the cycle continues. It’s not a question of having the right training or equipment, it’s that authorities are only able to identify EBOLA by the symptoms at which point it’s too late for the individual and most probably the people on the plane sitting around them and those people won’t know if they are infected for another couple of weeks either by which point they have gone home, to work, on the bus, kissed relatives, hugged friends, etc…

      If EBOLA really has hit Mauritius, pray that someone develops a cure soon.

      Flights in and out of EBOLA infected areas should have been stopped a while ago. The fact that flights have continued shows how generating revenue is more important to airlines than the safety of a country and it’s population. Members of the public should also have been educated and denied access to these regions.

      My advice to the powers that be is get a vaccine going to stop the spread as it is easier than finding a cure.

  • Is the Imigrations authorities talented enough, to point out these possible cases of life-threatening diseases ?
    Does the Imigrations staff fully understand the impact it would have, if theres an outbreak of Ebola in Mauritius ?

    • Any traveller landing in Mauritius have to go through the health desk ,this is the Law.And anyone who has been to Africa has a follow up by the health officer,this has nothing to do with the immigration officer.So please our Island might be small or our resources small but I have always been impressed by the workdone by the health officers,visiting homes etc.Lets just hope that the results are negative.

      • Goodmorning.
        As far that i know, no one at the health desk is looking inside your pasport !!! Because of this, the “guy” in the first line is the imigrations officers, do you get my point ? And i dont believe that i was patronizing in my questions, but i think i have the right to know, how authorities tackle this problem, for my sake but also the inhabitants of Mauritius.

        • How you think the immigration officer should proceed? Everyone has a role to play! if he do the work of the health officier then you will complain that you have to wait too long after a flight to get through the immigration officers.

          The government has already ban the people from the infected African countries to enter Mauritius, While the focus on Africa how can you say that no European coming has not been in contact of an infected person and is coming to Mauritius.

          In short each and everyone, even your relatives coming from another country represents a threat when it comes to Ebola.

          So its easy for Mauritians sitting at home to make all kind of remarks, but they don’t that those immigration officers and health officers in the front line are risking their life in trying their best for all of you.

          I would suggest those who consider themself more competent can make a group and go to the Airport arrival and help detect the infected passengers instead.

          • In this world, nothing’s 100% sure ! You still hsve to remember that the Imigrations Officers is the first people you will meet, when your arriving, at the same time these Officers has your pasport in their hands, so no matter if you like it or not, these people is the ones, who can make the difference, meaning that they’r looking in your pasport and can deside if they want you to be looked at at the health officers.
            This you cant change.

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