Ebola Tracking: 6 Mauritians Coming From Africa Placed in Isolation

Six Mauritians who were in Sierra Leone since 2012 have finally returned to the country yesterday, 01.09.14. As soon as they landed, they were taken to the hospital of Souillac to be placed in isolation. They are to be subjected to tests to establish whether they are carriers of the Ebola virus. If they are not infected, they will still be followed by medical officers.


Prevention is better than cure

The Mauritian authorities have been taking the necessary precautions to prevent the Ebola virus from infiltrating into our environment ever since the epidemic in West Africa has been wreaking havoc in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and, Liberia. Security measures at both the port and the airport were tightened. An isolation ward has been set up at the hospital of Souillac, which was chosen because it is the nearest to the airport.

Follow-up by medical experts

All the preventive measures, meetings, discussions and training that the authorities dealt with will now be put to test. Six Mauritians had travelled to Sierra Leone in 2012 as part of their work programme in an engineering company. When they landed in Mauritius yesterday, 1st of September, they were immediately transported from the airport to the Souillac hospital. A number of tests have been done to determine whether they are infected by the Ebola virus or not. In case the tests generate negative results, they will be placed under observation. Thereafter, they will be followed by the medical staff even when they get back to their respective homes.

Safety at the level of ambulancemen

Additionally, every necessary precaution has been taken to ensure complete safety, including at the level of ambulancemen. The medical team in charge of the procedures has been equipped with the required equipment to work in the conducive conditions. A number of meetings have also been held between ambulancemen and sanitary officials to discuss the issue and to ensure that things are done right.

How exposed were the six Mauritians in Sierra Leone?

The firm for which they work stated that they were in a zone where they did not have direct exposure to the deadly virus.

Either way, we can only imagine the stress their family members and themselves are going through; not to mention the Mauritian population at large, specially the inhabitants of Souillac who had raised concerns over the isolation ward being set up in their village.

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