Ebola Tracking: Why Are Thermal Cameras Not Being Used in Mauritius?

In the aftermath of the case of the Mauritian man who was initially suspected of suffering from Ebola but who was ultimately shown to be a malaria patient, the president of the Ministry of Health Employees Union (MHEU) brought forth certain suggestions to better deal with the situation where an Ebola patient lands in Mauritius.
suggestions of MHEU

The malaria-man incident had sure frightened all of us when it was first thought that he might be a carrier of the deadly Ebola virus. He had traveled to West African countries before returning to Mauritius. Nothing suspicious was detected at the security department of the airport. Some days after his arrival though, the man in question had had to be transported to the hospital as he was suffering from high fever. It was initially suspected that he might be suffering from Ebola. After the required tests were done, it was concluded that he had not contracted the Ebola virus, but rather, had caught malaria. The incident did end well as the tests for Ebola proved to be negative. However, it also pointed at certain shortcomings in the security system of the airport, according to the president of the Ministry of Health Employees Union (MHEU), Amarjeet Seetohul.

Amarjeet Seetohul has appealed for the authorities to take the maximum precautions in case the virus were to make its way to our territories. He considers the security system to be flawed since a Mauritian – the man who was initially suspected of Ebola – was able to deceive the inspectors by lying about his final destination before returning to Mauritius. The president of the MHEU has therefore suggested that all hospitals be equipped with thermal cameras. Furthermore, he has proposed for the emergency section of hospitals to include isolation booths for anyone who might be showing symptoms of Ebola; the said patients would stay there while waiting for their transfer to Souillac hospital where an isolation ward has been set up.

He is also concerned about the use of the conventional thermometers in hospitals. He alleges that this might prove to be dangerous as the virus might be transmitted through human contact. The solution he provided to counter this problem is to supply hospitals with infrared thermometers. He also said that hospitals should have ambulances specialised for the transfer of such patients.

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