Facebook: Illegal Trade of Dangerous Dog Breeds in Mauritius

It has been reported that some people are indulging into the illegal business involving dangerous dog races that are forbidden in the country as dictated by a law that was passed since last year. Dogs like the Amstaff are strictly prohibited to be reared and sold. However, some people have been advertising them on Facebook pages.


Dog race: Amstaff

Dogs are man’s best friends. However, this saying cannot possibly include all dog races – some of them are actually too dangerous. As a matter of fact, the Animal Welfare Act, schedule 1, includes a list of around 20 dogs that are considered to be dangerous. Some of them are allowed to be reared and imported to the island under controlled conditions, while yet others are absolutely illegal to have on the Mauritian land. For instance, the breed Doberman and the Rottweiler can be brought to Mauritius and reared, but only after having sought permission from the ministry of agro industry. However, according to the law, others like the Boerboel, and the Amstaff, are absolutely forbidden on the Mauritian territory.


Dog race: Doberman


Dog race: Boerboel


Dog race: Rottweiler

In spite of the strict law that stipulates the illegality of bringing in certain dogs in Mauritian, some people have allegedly defied the rules. Dogs featuring in the forbidden list are being advertised to be sold in the country. To worsen the matters further, crossbred dogs like the Amstaff-Rottweiler mix are being put on sale. Several Facebook pages have even been created by sellers for the purpose of finding customers. Pictures of Amstaff puppies have been uploaded on the online social network. Boerboels are also part of the business, but they are being sold in a fewer number than those of the Amstaff breed.

An Amstaff puppy is worth around Rs 18 000, and sometimes, the price might even rocket up till Rs 40 000. A Boerboel might cost between Rs 25 000 and Rs 30 000.

An official from the ministry commented on the issue, saying that the business is a lucrative one, hence why people are indulging into it, but, any such case will not be tolerated anymore.

What about those dogs of the forbidden races that were already acquired before the law was passed – the latter being in application since last November? In such exceptional cases, the owners are not expected to get the dogs killed, but rather, they are to inform the ministry, and have the dogs sterilised.

Those who do not respect the limits set by the law are liable to paying a fine of up Rs 50 000, and risk facing a two-year imprisonment.


  • this is horrible im here in mauritius for 2 weeks right now and im an europian owner of 2 bully breed typos an olde english bully and an french bulldog and i love bully breeds THEY ARE NOT BAD THE OWNERS ARE BAD POOR DOGS F THIS LAW SO MAD NEVER COMING BACK TO THIS SHIT PLACE

  • Good day Island people. We are currently South African citizens who has registered top champion line rottweilers. We are looking at relocating to delicious Mauritius but would like to obtain more information with regards to importing our dogs to your island. They are pure bred and bought from top line rottweiler breeders (imported from sirbia and germany) and did very well at dog shows, our rottis are also well trained and gets regular training from a dog handler and dog school. They are like our children and we were shocked to learn that rottis are not allowed in your country please please would you be so kind as to give us more information and advise regarding this matter! How can we contact the Agri minister or organisation responsible for approval of our beloved four legged children?

  • This article only shows the ignorance of the dog “laws” in Mauritius. Get up to speed and educate yourselves. The information is out there.

      • A dog reflects the behaviour of his master, if well trained can be smarter that the master itself. Rotts are firm characters but not agressive by nature, people make them like this because they do not know how to handle them. My brother has a k9 ring kennel, his dogs do not know me at all as we live seperatly but I never feel am in danger, I walk freely in the kennel with doberman, Rotts, amstaff, belgian sheperd, Dutch sheperd even a pitpull. Human race has a big problem , when they do not know or do not understand something, they will just say it is dangerous or not good.

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