Haemopholiac Student of Phoenix SSS Attacked By College Gang

A young student of form V of Phoenix SSS has had to be transported to the hospital on Friday (12.09.14) after a gang of boys attacked him on the school premises. He was then returned home. However, the following day, his father noticed that he was bleeding. The young man being haemopholiac made the situation more critical. The father consequently filed a police case while the Ministry of Education is also carrying out investigations.


A haemophiliac teenager of Phoenix SSS has been hospitalised on Saturday 13th of September after he sustained several injuries the day before at his college. His father related that he was attacked by a group of boys as he was climbing the stairs to get to his classroom. He narrated that his son fell down the stairs when he was hit by one of the boys. When he got back up again, the other students who were part of the gang hit him with a mobile phone and thereafter struck him in the face. The school management immediately transported him to the hospital knowing that he was haemophiliac.

After having done a radiography on Friday, the wounded teenager was allowed to go home. However, the next day, his father noticed that he was bleeding at the level of the nose and the mouth. He was then taken to the Apollo Bramwell clinic where he was admitted.

The father has filed a case at the police station of Phoenix, while the Ministry of Education is now looking into the matter.

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  • Criminal minds ..locate …identify …eradicate.

    If as a school boy there is no respect for his neighbor as an adult it will be worst.

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