Harmon Chellen Might Have Died in Police Detention

The mysterious death of Harmon Chellen in the Seychelles has a new plot twist: the minister of justice of the island proclaimed that the man might have died when he was in detention at the police station to where he was summoned because of the accusation of attempt to rape levelled at him by an employee of the hotel he was residing at.

harmon chellen

Some weeks ago, on the 19th of August , Harmon Chellen, the former director of the École Hotelière SGD, was found dead in the sea of Seychelles. He had travelled to the island after having been invited as guest of honour to a graduation ceremony. On the last day of his visit, his dead body was found in the ocean by an inhabitant of the region of Port Glaud. The cause of death has remained unknown. Two autopsies were done to decipher the circumstances that could have led to the tragic event: the one done by the Seychelles authorities yielded nothing, while a second one performed in Mauritius revealed injuries on the corpse at the level of the temple.

Previously, it was thought that perhaps he had committed suicide, or that the death was the result of ‘foul play’. Moreover, just hours before the discovery of his dead body in the sea, he was summoned at the police station after a woman working at the hotel where he was staying accused him of having attempted to rape her.

The situation now has taken a new turn: the minister of justice of the Seychelles, Rony Govinden, has made a public declaration that according to the investigation and the related reports that he has gone through, it seems that Harmon Chellen died while he was in police detention. This news was announced yesterday night, 23rd of September.

A judiciary investigation has now been opened to shed light on the exact circumstances of the death of Harmon Chellen.

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  • Bizare Ramlochun, Kaya, Berger Agathe and all those who died in Police celle …there has never been new turn in Mauritius ????

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