Huge Rocks Fell From Heavy Duty Truck at Hermitage – Driver Sacked

One Tuesday 09.09.14, a heavy lorry passing by Hermitage carrying huge rocks for the construction of the Bagatelle Dam lost some of its cargo which unfortunately fell onto the roads frightening and appalling the inhabitants of the region. The driver was dismissed from employment as a result, specially so because the company for which he works had clearly given the instruction not to drive through villages after having received several complaints.

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Heavy vehicles making trips between Midlands and Bagatelle, thereby passing through Hermitage, have proved to be of great annoyance to the inhabitants residing in the region, who have, in the past, allegedly communicated their concern to the authorities concerned. The heavy lorries normally transport enormous rocks which are to be used for the construction of the Bagatelle Dam. On Tuesday, 9th of September, a terrible road incident occurred that further infuriated the locals: huge rocks from one of the lorries fell onto the road wreaking havoc.

Fortunately, no passerby, or other vehicle being driven near to the heavy lorry, was hurt or damaged. The inhabitants are furious thinking about the possibility of the rocks wounding anyone at all, or even killing someone. The police force of Phoenix was thereafter informed of the situation.

The inhabitants had previously filed their complaints to the police arguing that the drivers of the lorries speed through the streets during the whole week, including the week-end; they even went so far as saying that they feel their own homes vibrate about as the vehicles pass nearby. They wonder as to why do the lorries not take the route linking Belle-Rive to Cote-d’Or to reach their destination.

Perhaps, the recent incident will put things into perspective? An employee of the company for which the driver of the lorry having lost its cargo on the roads of Hermitage works related that after having received a number of complaints from the local people, they had notified the drivers not to pass by the villages. The employee concluded saying that the drivers apparently do not pay heed. The driver in question has been sacked as a consequence of the mishap.

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