Introduction of Vehicle Telematics In Mauritius

An American company together with Island Communications Ltd (ICL) have suggested to Mauritian firms the use of vehicle telematics: a branch of technology that equips cars with the equivalent of the ‘airplane black box’ to detail out information of the vehicles when they are on the road. This will also be particularly useful in case of accidents; certain information pertinent to the cause of accidents can be obtained from the ‘car black box’.

vehicle telematics

Telematics will soon bring a new technological era to Mauritius. Two companies, namely Island Communications Ltd (ICL), and, Geotab, which is an American firm, have proposed to Mauritian organisations the incorporation of information technology in vehicles to transmit data about the latter when they are on the streets. Vehicle telematics is mostly used by firms whose employees use the company vehicles for work purposes to track the workers, and, sometimes, also to elaborate complicated routes, thereby increasing efficiency.

The aim of the new technology is not similar to the conventional one of the GPS which is to locate drivers – rather, it is the equivalent of black boxes of airplanes. The telematics cases to be installed in cars will be directly connected to a computer placed in the vehicles and record everything that happens when the latter hit the road in a detailed manner. For instance, in case of an accident, the information of the happenings are transmitted by the ‘black box’: the speed of the vehicle at the time of the accident, whether the driver applied the brakes before the impact, and, so on. The technology is so refined that the ‘black case’ can detect and transmit mostly any information about the engine, and it can even trigger sound alarms if ever the driver is at risk.

Additional information supplied by the telematics case includes the consumption of fuel, and thus companies can control the administrative costs, minimizing cases of abuse, thereby improving productivity.

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  • I think it’s gone a be quite expensive solution, especially considering the economi of Mauritius.Otherwise a nice solution, if the boss wants to monitor his employees, because that’s what’s gone happen next.

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