La Vie Douce: Mauritian Man Won 3 Jackpots In 1 Week!

Some people are just lucky, or so it seems. A man, inhabitant of Port-Louis, of around 40 years old has won the game “La Vie Douce” for the third time in one week. From Rs 150 – the price of the three tickets – to Rs 11.25 million was his journey.


The winner of this game has Rs 25 000 every month for 20 years, or a sum of Rs 3.75 million. So, the man has already won Rs 3.75 million. Now that he has won more than once, he has the choice to opt for either method: having an additional of Rs 50 000 per month for 20 years, or Rs 7.5 million.

He had bought the second ticket on the same day he found out that he had won for the first time. Later during that day, he bought yet another. And, yet again, lady luck was on his side.

As to the projects he plans in investing, he states that he wishes to buy land property to construct a house. A certain proportion of the money will be allocated to finance the studies of his children. He also intends to launch himself into trade business. He also looks forward to a trip to Madagascar and to China.

How unfair that some people can have Rs 150 multiplied into millions while others have to work hard for thousands, some will say. Others will agree, no one can defy pure luck.

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