Maiden Cup 2014: Memory of Serge Henry Revived

While Serge Henry left this world days ago, the memory of him remains — the crowd that had gathered for the Maiden Cup 2014 last week-end cheered his name all the while as Man to Man made its way to the winning position during the race. The jockey, Rye Joorawon, dedicated the victory to Serge Henry and his family.


A week ago, Serge Henry, influential personality of the horse racing world, met with death on the 2nd of September. Five days after his death, the Maiden Cup was on; he had previously expressed his dear wish to attend to the event, but, alas, fate had it otherwise. He was not there on Sunday 7th of September for the 2014 Maiden Cup, but his name was on the lips of mostly everyone.

His family, comprising his wife, Linda, and daughter Nathalie, as well as his uncle Philippe, graced the event with their presence. The public would chant his nickname over and over – he was affectionately called ‘Kiki’ by his family and friends.

Man to Man, horse which earned Serge Henry the Derby and the Supertote Golden Trophy, won the race, as though as tribute to the latter. Rye Joorawon, the jockey riding the winning horse, dedicated the victory to Kiki and the Henry family. He stated that he went forth with the race for their sake.

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