12 year old mother mauritius

Mauritian 12-Year-Old Girl Expecting TWINS Delivers 1 Baby Only – And She’s Suspicious The Matter

The 12-year-old girl whose pregnancy made headlines days ago has delivered her baby a while back. However, she alleges having been told by gynaecologists that she was expecting twins. She now has doubts as to the real truth. A ministry official commented on the issue, saying that her family only thought so – that she was carrying twins – as a result of a misunderstanding.

12 year old mother mauritius

The case of the girl of 12 years old who fell pregnant has been all over the news, specially so after members of the public reached out to her to lend a helping hand. She had previously said that she was expecting twins – turns out that was not the case. She gave birth to only one baby.

She related that some hours before giving birth, she learned that she was not carrying twins, but rather, “one big baby”. She was extremely surprised. She explained that she was told by two gynaecologists that she was to have twins. According to what she said, she went through an echography at the Jeetoo Hospital at Port-Louis.

However, an official from the Ministry of Health said otherwise. He alleged having verified the file of the patient and nowhere was it mentioned that she was expecting twins. He stated being of the opinion that this has been the result of a great misunderstanding stirred among her family members.

According to what the young mother said, she was having serious doubts concerning the issue. She wondered as to whether one of her babies died and the ‘truth’ was hidden from her.

She had received much help from many Mauritians – mainly gifts for her babies. Now that she delivered only one, she said that she would donate what was supposed to belong to the second baby to needy people.


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