Mauritian Pilots Working Abroad Denounce Lack Of Opportunities At Air Mauritius

Two-thirds of the pilots employed by Air Mauritius are expatriates, not Mauritians – the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) found out after the corresponding statistics report was consulted. The EOC looked into the matter after it received a number of letters from Mauritian pilots working abroad who complained of how more difficult is it to get recruited by Air Mauritius as compared to foreign aviation companies.

Complaints of Mtian pilots

Mauritian pilots working in foreign countries wish to speak against what they view as injustice towards them when it comes to the narrow windows of opportunities in Mauritius. They claim that the work opportunities in the country are not adequate enough: as a pilot, finding employment abroad is much easier than on the island. So, to make their voices heard by the authorities, they have sent letters of complaints to the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC).

The president of EOC, Brian Glover, stated that they went through the statistics illustrating recruitment at Air Mauritius. The analysis of the numbers revealed that more foreigners exercise as pilots in the national aviation company – two-thirds of the pilots are expatriates. Brian Glover mentioned that very possibly, valid reasons might explain this state of affairs, and hence, they asked for the company to clarify the matter. He also suggested that the institution should ideally include more Mauritians.

The national airline company responded by saying that they will collaborate fully with EOC for the purpose of this investigation. It was also added that Air Mauritius does have a programme aiming at recruiting more Mauritian pilots.

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  • There are many promisses and saying …but respecting the WORDS is very difficult….I have a case in Supreme Court even under OATH hand raised ..people lie !!!

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