Mauritian Biometric National ID Card Data Can Be Stolen With Card Reader According To Expert Witness

The court case revolving around the biometric National Identity Card is further evolving as Ish Sookun presented as expert witness. He explained in court that the confidential information of the Mauritius National Identity Scheme (MNIC) can be accessed through a card reader, in the absence of Internet connection. The State lawyer, Shah Nawaz Namdarkhan, retorted by adding that the card reader in question is not available in Mauritius and that the data is bound by different levels of security.

Stay tuned to find out how this ends.

rajah_mahadewoo_ish_sookunPicture from Lexpress; Ish Sookun And Rajah Madhewoo

The court case against the State with regard to the biometric National Identity Card (NIC) has taken a new turn as Ish Sookun was made to testify as expert. The request of the lawyer of Rajah Madhewoo, Sanjeev Teeluckdharry, to bring Isk Sookun as expert witness was approved by the Judge Eddy Balancy. The information technology geek affirmed in court that the data of the Mauritius National Identity Scheme (MNIC) is easily accessible without even being connected to the Internet. The young man explained that a suitable software or a USB cable is enough to do the job.

Responding to the expert’s assertion, Shah Nawaz Namdarkhan, the State lawyer, affirmed that the whole system is protected by security measures of different levels and that, as such, it is impossible to lay one’s hands on the information of the MNIC. He further added that no personal information is available at the first level, while that stored at the second level is strictly confidential. Ish Sookun maintained that it is still possible to have access to the said information by the means of a specialised card reader. He stated that he had attempted to use the device he had bought abroad and stumbled across encrypted data. To counter his statements, lawyer Namdarkhan argued that the card is not on sale in Mauritius, while totally forgetting that such devices can be easily imported through regular online purchases or even by people coming from foreign countries.

The information technology expert witness insisted that the possibility of confidential information leaking still exists.

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