Michaela Harte

Michaela Harte Murder Case To Be Re-Opened – 4 Suspects Identified

The Michaela Harte court case will soon be reopened once the DPP has access to a relevant police report as well as DNA test results from a Bordeaux laboratory. Four new names are on the list of suspects; they are all employees of the hotel where the young woman was murdered back in 2011.

Michaela Harte

The death of the Irish tourist, Michaela Harte, in Mauritius is still unresolved, three years later. The young woman had traveled to the island for her honeymoon, and she was brutally murdered in her very own hotel room; the hotel where the victim was residing during her stay in Mauritius was previously named Legends Hotel. Uptil now, the criminals have not been apprehended by law. According to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Senior Counsel Satyajit Boolell, the court case will soon be reopened.

In the past, several suspects had been arrested, two of whom were employed as valets at Legends Hotel. The suspects who had presented in court were later found non-guilty. Now, four new suspects have been identified – all of them having worked at the hotel in question. The police is currently searching for any concrete evidence that could help reopen the court case, as confirmed by the DPP.

Once a well-structured report to be concluded by the police together with the processed scientific evidence entailing DNA tests which have been done at a laboratory of Bordeaux reach the DPP, the latter will begin the procedures to file a court case. More than 300 pieces of evidence were taken for analysis. The above-mentioned documents would serve to build the profile of the four suspects. A professor from the Bordeaux laboratory had visited the scene of crime at the beginning of last month, in the company of officers of the Scene of Crime Office and those of the Forensic Science Laboratory.


  • People died and you don’t have criminals. This country have criminals walking out freely. It is good that people know the mentality of Mauritius because they thought it was paradise. While they harass poor people with their hard labour, big fishes and frauds are kept out of being questioned.
    I remember to have gone to this hotel and it is true that the employees like to enter room without any reason (no tidy up).
    Hope justice is done for all the poor victim as we can’t have a society of criminals.

  • Is it because of pressure of the Irish Govenrment ?

    And what about the MURDER of :-
    Lindsay Aza
    the Couple Soondaram & Ittoo
    Gerald August
    Nadine Dantier


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