North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Goes Missing & Triggers Speculations

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean Supreme Leader, has not made any public appearance since the 3rd of September. All sorts of speculations are being made in order to explain his very-much absence to important events.


The North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, was last publicly seen on the 3rd of September when he attended to a concert with his wife. Much speculation is being formed ever since his absence has been noticed. It appears that Kim Jong-un did not attend to an important governmental meeting that was held yesterday, 26th of September. It is being said that the last time he missed this meeting was when his father died back in 2011.

Many are saying that he is perhaps sick and thus could not attend to the meeting. Yet others have taken to more far-fetched ideas: UK’s Mirror reported that Kim might have fallen sick as a result of having consumed too much of imported cheese. No substantiation was provided – this remains a speculation.

Others have provided more credible reasons. The Daily Telegraph quotes Toshimitsu Shigemura, a professor of Tokyo’s Waseda University, as saying: “Another reason why Kim may be reluctant to appear in public is the ongoing power struggle inside the North Korean military, which means that the situation in Pyongyang is still unstable.”

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