Notable Police Intervention at Arab Town (Rose-Hill) Following Anonymous Phone Call

Hawkers at Arab Town, Rose-Hill, have had their items seized by the police yesterday (23.09.14) after an anonymous phone call was made to denounce the activities. A number of products put on sale have been transported to the police station.

Arab Town

It all started with an anonymous phone call that informed the police of the occurrence of the street vendors having invaded the streets of Rose-Hill. Since two weeks, the traders of the region and the inhabitants of the town have been reporting the presence of the street vendors through such anonymous phone calls. As a result, inspectors from the municipality of Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill got down to Arab Town in the company of policemen. Around 20 of such street vendor stalls were found. The policemen then were instructed to take hold of the items.

The street vendors at Rose-Hill were thus disciplined by the police yesterday 23rd of September. A great amount of items put on sale by the sellers have been seized by the police at Arab Town. The products, including clothing and electronic devices, were then transferred to the police station. Those who were working without permits were issued fines by the police. The latter also succeeded in calming down those who tried to resist the law and order forces.

Street selling is deeply embedded into the Mauritian culture. People have been taking to the streets to sell their items without even having a permit for long now – so long that this has turned into a normal occurrence. Even after the raid of yesterday, others of the street vendors came out hours later and carried on with their activities of selling their items on the streets of Rose-Hill and at Arab Town as if ‘all went back to normal’ after the ‘minor disturbance’. Well, some Mauritians do have the knack at imposing themselves even when they have no such right to do so, right? Ah, the nerve of some of us!

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  • The power of Money and relation at upper level ? Permit..Allowed.

    A Mauritian company in the ICT sector “may be” operating illegally and officially been attributed the copyrighted name “LINUX”. Even dare claimed to detain ownership and proprietary on Open Source and Free Software. This was declared in Sworn Affidavits in Supreme Court !!

    Despite denunciation at Police Station no action was taken !!!

    there are:-

    Breach of Copyright
    Violation of GNU/GPL License
    Violation of the Berne Convention (Art 5 Section 2)
    and Swearing False Affidavit !!

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