NTC Union Members Who Went On Strike In June 2013 Summoned At Police Station

Last year, a number of employees and union members of the National Transport Corporation (NTC) had gone on strike on the 26th of June at Bonne-Terre. Now, more than a year later, it seems that their actions might lead to legal repercussions, as they have been called at the police station of Vacoas. Yet, another general strike might happen in the near future. The Union of Bus Industry Workers let out that they are currently organising votes to decide whether they will go on with another general strike to compel the government to release the salary recommendations of the National Renumeration Board.

Strike NTC June 2013

Illegal strike?

On Monday 8th of September, the employees and union members of the NTC were summoned to the police station regarding the general strike they organised last year, 26.06.13, after the secretary of the NTC Employees Union, Krishnaduth Gobin, received a verbal notification to present at the Central Investigation Division (CID) of Vacoas. They might be prosecuted for having indulged in an illegal strike, having directly crippled the system of public transport.

Putting the past incident into perspective

The employees had decided to go on strike after the company decided to allocate certain bus routes to other operators. This might have resulted in the reduction of staff members, the fear of which led the workers take to desperate measures. Finally, the ministers Anil Bachoo and Shakeel Mohamed, as well as the Chairman of the NTC, Ashwin Dookhun, intervened and the crowd had then calmed down. Thereafter, the circumstances that followed pleased the workers as an agreement was made of a 19 % increase in the salary of the workers.

Current situation: legal proceedings?

The president of the Union of Bus Industry Workers (UBIW), Imzad Beeharry, has requested the service of a lawyer the moment they had news that two of their members have been convened to the CID.

More strikes to come

As a matter of fact, the UBIW has organised a vote to decide whether they should go for another general strike, this time entailing all transport companies. The purpose would be to compel the Ministry of Labour to have the salary recommendations of the National Renumeration Board made public. Another vote will take place next week for the independent bus companies.

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  • The police does not apply LAW.. But seems to apply what they are dictate by certain persons in power.

    Three Years now I have made statements and denouce

    1) Breach of Copyright
    2) Violation of GNU/GPL license
    3)Swearing False affidavit by two persons
    4) Violation of Contitutional rights of Privacy (entering premises without authorisation)
    5) Violation of Human right by racial discrimination to allow proper use and fitting a water tank and solar heater by landlord while another tennant of sme community of the landlord was allowed.

    No ACTION has been taken by neither EOC, NHUC nor the Police !!!

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