Society: Patient Threatens Doctor For Refusing To Issue A FAKE Sick Leaves Certificate

An angry ‘patient’, inhabitant of  Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche, wreaked havoc at the health center he went to with the intention of having a fake medical certificate issued in his name. When the doctor refused to comply to his unreasonable demands, he began insulting him, nearly hitting him with a chair. The personnel of the health center tried to stop him from attacking the doctor. He later left after having threatened to take the life of the doctor: “Si mo trouve twa lor chemin, mo pou touy twa!”

Medical certificate
Some people might tend to resort to desperate means when they do not get what they want. How desperate, though, can someone get when a doctor refuses to sign a fake sick leave certificate on his behalf? Surely, he would not end up threatening the doctor’s very life, right? An inhabitant of Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche did just that – he went to the health center on Tuesday morning (02.09.14) to ask for one and ended up hurling insults and threats at the doctor. It all took place at around ten in the morning.

The motive behind the man’s exaggerated reaction was to have a medical certificate dated three days back. He had been absent from work for three days for personal reasons. To get back to work, he wished to have a medical certificate to show to his employer. He pleaded for the doctor in question to do him the favour. Since such acts are forbidden according to the rules of the Medical Council Act, the doctor firmly refused to go by the man’s pleas. The latter would not take no for an answer. He began by insulting the medical officer. The situation was already tense enough by then. He then took hold of a chair in an attempt to hit the doctor. Fortunately, he was restrained by the personnel of the dispensary. Finally, the man threatened to kill the doctor if he were to find him on the streets, and left.

The doctor left the health center a while later to file a complaint at the police station. Currently, the police is looking for the suspect. When found, he will be arrested.

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