New buses of CNT

Post Soreze Accident: NTC To Get Rid of 80 Buses

After the court case regarding the 2013 Soreze NTC bus accident has been concluded, the bus company has decided to act upon the recommendations that have been spelt out during the legal proceedings. The aim is to ensure the security of the passengers travelling onboard the vehicles.

New buses of CNT

The company will soon produce a plan of action to review the image that NTC has carved for itself in the aftermath of the accident. One of the first steps is to get rid of all the buses that have had more than 15 years of service. It was high time for this measure, perhaps?

80 buses will thus be replaced by new and modern ones, as declared by the president of the company, Pratap Dave Udhin. Furthermore, the drivers and bus conductors will be given adequate training as suggested by experts from the Ashock Leyland company: the employees will receive the necessary framing to deal with emergency situations.

The training of the NTC staff was proposed after it was revealed that the driver who died in the 2013 accident, Deepchand Gunness, did not use the emergency brake – the reason as to why he did not have resort to it will remain unknown.

According to the mechanical engineer, Zaid Kodabuckus, Deepchand Gunness might have been overtaken by panic and hence could not make use of the brake, or, yet another possibility might have been the cause behind: perhaps, he was not trained as to how to make use of it. The engineer explained that the Blue Line buses are equipped with a handbrake that serves as both Parking Brake – used for a stationary bus to remain immobile – and Emergency Brake, which is made to operate during crisis situations when the bus is in motion.

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