Mahima Suicide Case: Rector of Hindu Girls College Denies The Accusations

After more than a week of silence, the rector of Hindu Girls College finally defended herself. She was previously accused of having humiliated a 13-year-old girl who, according to the latter’s family and friends, had ultimately committed suicide because of the trauma.

guilty or not

Finally, the rector of the Hindu Girls College has spoken out. Ever since the case of the suicide of a teenager of the educational institution has been the talk of the town, with the other students and family of the girl blaming the school management for having pushed the girl to feeling broken, the rector herself had not made any comment on the situation.

Mahima, the girl who ended her life last week, was said to have been humiliated by the rector who allegedly called her a thief – the mobile phone of another fellow student was lost and it was found out that Mahima had picked it up in the bus. The latter’s family believe that the incident at her school was what led her to throw herself in Bassin Bleu at St-Paul. Other girls from the school had even organised a demonstration to show their protest to the school management. They have all been demanding for the resignation of the rector. All the while, the woman in question had not reacted to all the statements made in her regard.

Padmawatee Seewooraz, the rector of Hindu Girls College, affirmed yesterday 18th of September that she had not called Mahima a thief. She gave her own version of what happened by saying that two girls were summoned after the case of the missing mobile phone was reported. According to her, Mahima was in her office from 8h45 to 9h00. She was asked if she had taken the phone of her friend, and she had said no at first, but ended up taking out two phones from her bag, one of which was hers and the other was the missing one. Thereafter, the other girl had her phone back. Both girls then returned to their classrooms. The rector insisted that she did not use the word “thief” with respect to Mahima: not in private and not in public in front of other students either.

There are always two sides of most stories. Each party concerned has his own version. Which is telling the truth? The police investigation might shed light on who is lying and who is not.


  • the rector is lying !!!!!- all the kids in the school and 3 teachers has confirmed thats PADAMAWTEE trying to blame Mahima for this whole situation- she is an grown adult- take responsibility and stop been a coward if she worked for me i would fire her with out a hearing or warning – she is not worth been in the position- think she go there education in the back street or bought if – she has no idea how to handle kids- if all the kids in the school are complaining about why does the school not step up and take account for what has happened- all our kids are important at the end of the day- the school and that Bi…… needs to take account- //take account – Rector- because you have political connection you think the low and above God- `new flash`you not GOD`!! you will be judge one day .

  • Nimporte ki zelev HGC kav dir zot ki maniere administration tret zot laba! 1 zafere kumsa ti bound pu ariver, pa zot tou ki kav manz kou et move on. In arive lere sa bane juge moris la montrer inP caractere

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