russia missile

Russia Manufacturing New Set of Nuclear Weapons to Enforce Security

Russia has proclaimed out loud that it is currently working on a new set of nuclear weapons in retaliation to the US. The President Vladimir Putin explained that whatever is being done is for the sake of Russia’s security.

russia missile

Our contemporary world has witnessed such dramatic headway in the fields of science and technology that, were the worldly-powerful countries to launch wars against each other, the entire planet might be annihilated – the massive force of nuclear weapons might do just that. Weapons are being accumulated over and over in the nuclear arsenals worldwide. Recently, President Vladimir Putin announced that they are currently developing a new array of nuclear and conventional weapons in opposition to the US and the NATO. However, the President also added that Russia will ensure that the economy is not undermined as a consequence.

President Vladimir Putin claims that the initiative is a response to the security challenge it faced, and has not been motivated by the intention to compete with others. The President also justified their stance arguing that they had let out warnings beforehand that they will definitely take countermeasures for the sake of their own security.

Tests are already being carried out: its new 12-meter long Bulava intercontinental nuclear missile was successfully tested this week itself. Two more tests have been scheduled in the coming months, October and November. A wide range of offensive weapons will be manufactured in the time period 2016-2025 fueled by the aim of providing a “nuclear deterrent” as yet another step to ensuring security.

Any more detailed information about the weapons to be engineered has not been disclosed so far though.

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