Seisms At Iceland Bardarbungu Volcano System Abating

The Iceland lava eruption at the Bardarbungu volcano system had caused seismic activities in the region since Friday, 29.09.14. Now, almost a week later, the seisms are dying out. The potential threat to the aviation industry has also abated.

Iceland lava

The lava eruption of an area of the Bardarbunga volcano system situated in Iceland occurred last Friday, 29th of August. From then on, seismic activities persisted in the region. Another small eruption took place on the 1st of September in a spot near to the first one. The large amount of eathquakes triggered the fear lest Bardarbungu would erupt. Lava fountains were coming out from a huge fissure in the ground; fire and lava plumes hit the air from there.

Recently, experts have said that the seisms in the vicinity of the volcano are fading away. On Monday 1st of September, around 500 earthquakes shook the earth in the region. This number was brought down to 300 on Tuesday.

But, plumes of steam and gas are still emanating from the volcanic fissure of around 600 meters in length. The gases released produced an enormous white cloud approximately 4.5 kilometers above the fissure.

The picture gives a topview of the fissure, showing lava up to 60 meters high emerging from the large cleft.

iceland 1

The lava fountains sending plumes in the air raised concerns in the aviation world. The ash that rises to incredibly high altitudes might be great obstacles to the smooth running of aircrafts. However, flights were not grounded because the situation was not considered to be of great threat to aircrafts as no hazardous ash was detected. Now, like the seisms, the lava eruption seems to be losing intensity as well, as per the observations of experts.

The following picture shows more lava fountains along the fissure:

iceland 2


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