Serial Dog Killer Poisoning Poor Animals in Curepipe

According to recent unpleasant incidents in Curepipe during the past year, a dog serial killer seems to be attracting dogs with poisoned food to have them killed. Moreover, the dogs already have their owners; it does not appear to be a case of getting rid of stray dogs. The Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare is currently carrying out an investigation to find the culprit.


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Dog serial killer

From the last 12 months, several dogs have been victims of poisoning in Curepipe, near Abbé de la Caille street. Dog serial killer? The Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW) is currently carrying out an investigation to find out the culprit behind the cruel acts.

Food poisoning

The last two victims were killed around two weeks ago, one of which was a German shepherd which died near it’s owner’s very own house. The murderer’s list of targets seems to only be increasing while there is still no hint of his identity.

The owner of the German shepherd related that the corpse of the dog was lying near a neighbour’s residence. It was noticed that the animal had a white liquid at the jaws. During the past year, the same owner relates that she has lost 4 dogs under the same circumstances. Other of her neighbours have also complained of similar happenings.

So, apparently, the modus operandi of the dog serial killer is to use food as bait to attract the poor animals. Plot twist: the food has been poisoned in advance.

Acts of mysterious dog killer have intimidated the dog owners

Somehow, none of the inhabitants is willing to file complaints at the police station – the mysterious murders of the dogs seem to have put them off.

The MSAW has advised them to hand over any other corpse that is discovered in the future to carry out an autopsy. Right now, it is looking into the matter in order to identify the criminal who seems to operate at Abbé de la Caille street in Curepipe. If apprehended, the latter will be prosecuted for acts of animal cruelty.

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