Statistics: Mauritius is the Oldest Country in Africa

Mauritius has been found to be the oldest country in Africa in terms of the age of its population. Half of our population is above 34 years of age. The digit for most of African countries are below 20. In this regard, the world’s oldest countries are Japan and Germany.


A new statistical analysis of data pooled from all around the globe has shown that Mauritius is the African country with the oldest median age. A professor from the University of New York, Ian Bremmer, extracted the data from the World Factbook of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Comparing the median age of each country, he found that the one for Mauritius is at 33.9 years of age: this means that half of the population is more than 34 years old, making of the island the one with the oldest population of Africa.

As goes the trend all across the world, women are older with their median age at 34.8 years old, while for men the number is at 33.1.

Most of the African countries have a population with medican age of less than 20 years old. Nigeria, for instance, has as median age 15 years old, such that it is the African country with the youngest population. Nigeria is also the youngest in the whole wide world.

Globally, Germany and Japan have topped the list with median ages of 46.1 both, followed by Italy which is at 44.5.

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