Students of Hindu Girls College in Opposition to Their Rector After Bassin Bleu Suicide Case

Outraged by the suicide of the form-two girl of Hindu Girls College last week, the girls of the college have shown their opposition to the rector today, 15th of September, by refusing to attend classes and caused quite some commotion that the police had to be called onto the premises of the school.


Last week, a 13-year old girl from the Hindu Girls College at Curepipe committed suicide by throwing herself into a waterbody near to her house at St-Paul. What could have pushed a young girl to end her life? According to her family, she was made to bear severe humiliation earlier during that week by the management of the school.

She had allegedly picked up a mobile phone in the school bus. Perhaps she was to return it, or maybe, she would have kept it, we will never know. When finding out about it, the manager of the school went to her class and accused her of being a thief in front of everyone. She was then called at the office to meet up with the manager and the mother of the girl who had lost her phone. Some of her closed ones are of the opinion that this incident might have led her to consider ending her life.

As a consequence, today, 15th of September, students of the college have led demonstrations in front of the educational institution. They held the rector responsible for what happened to the 13-year-old girl, Beena Devi Joory. In order to calm the girls down, the police was called on the spot because the girls refused to attend to their respective classes.

The rector herself did not make any comment on the situation.

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