Suspected Ebola Infected Man Has Malaria and He Lied To The Authorities

The nearly-Ebola case in Mauritius was actually a false alarm. The patient who seemed to show symptoms of Ebola as of yesterday 17th of September was actually diagnosed with malaria. Everyone can now sigh in relief.


The patient had returned from a visit to African countries a week ago. Nothing suspicious was detected at the airport where travellers are being thoroughly checked for any sign of Ebola. However, yesterday (17.09.14), he was brought to the hospital after suffering from high fever. It was then suspected that he might be carrying the Ebola virus. He was then transported to the hospital of Souillac where an isolation ward has been specially set up for such cases. The relevant tests were done on him to determine whether he was really suffering from Ebola or not. The results of the tests were supposed to have been generated by 18h00 but nothing had yet been confirmed.

Today morning, it was then confirmed that he is in fact suffering from malaria which is also an infectious disease.

The man in question had spent three months in the UK, and then he had travelled to Guinea, African country currently affected by the Ebola epidemic. However, it seems that he had lied to the authorities about his last destination when he returned to Mauritius on the 11th of September. He had thereafter confirmed that he had also visited Mali, a country which has not been touched by the epidemic.

His lying can now cost him sanctions. He faces the risk of being prosecuted for having lied to the authorities about his last destination.

The family members of the patient related that they were not allowed to visit the patient in his isolated room. They have also affirmed having been extremely surprised by the attitude of the medical personnel of the North Hospital where the man was brought before being transferred to Souillac hospital. One of the family members stated that the patient was isolated without further explanation and that the doctors kept away from him, obviously afraid at the situation.

The case led to the Minister of Health releasing a communiqué yesterday, advising people not to travel to countries of west Africa, namely Guinea, Lybia, Sierre Leone, Nigeria, Senegal, and Congo.

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