Thirty Mauritians in Flooded Kashmir Safely Evacuated

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arvind Boolell, has reassured the population that the group of thirty Mauritians who have been stranded in Kashmir which is being ravaged by floods have been evacuated and are now safe and sound. The disaster is weakening in intensity, but has left behind deaths, casualties, and a disease-plagued population.

Kashmir flood

30 Mauritians stuck in Kashmir floods

Thirty mauritians were in Kashmir when the country was hit by terrible floods. The situation had reached alarming levels until recently when it has been said that the level of water accumulating is gradually declining and that the thirty Mauritians who were evacuated from the affected areas are safe and sound, according to a communiqué issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arvin Boolell.
The Mauritians have not yet returned to the island though.

Holidays gone bad: from a boat house to the mountains to Delhi

The group of 30 Mauritians had travelled to Kahmir on the 2nd of September. They were to spend some relaxing time at a boat house in Dal Lake, but shortly afterwards, the water level rose to around 2 meters above normal. They were then evacuated to the Kabir hotel. However, things were to get even worse that finally they ended up as refugees in the mountains. To get there, they had to walk about 6 kilometers, accompanied by their guide. They spent 3 nights in the mountain tents. Fortunately, noone has been injured.

Afterwards, on the 11th of September, they were evacuated from Kashmir, and all 30 Mauritians moved to a hotel in Delhi.

In contact with the authorities

In order to ensure communication with the Indian army, a member of the Special Mobile Force, Khemraj Servansing, has been dispatched to the country.

Also, the authorities concerned, including the chief of staff of the PMO and the Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs held a meeting to discuss the evacuation of the tourists stranded in the hotels because of the floods.

Natural calamity leaving behind a homeless & diseased population

The 2014 Kashmir floods have had disastrous consequences. Uptil now, 460 people have died as a result, with around a million more having had to be displaced. While the natural calamity seems to be abating, hundreds of thousands of inhabitants are still at risk, with around 300 000 people not having had relief aids reaching them yet while others are having to take shelter in mosques and Sikh temples facing a severe lack of food, clothes, and medicine.

Now that the water level is dropping, the extent of devastation will be more easily gauged – however, as yet, it is still not clear. The flood might be decreasing in intensity, but the damage that has been done has far-reaching consequences: on top of the stress entailed, people left without their homes are also suffering from conjunctivitis, gastroenteritis, and perhaps, the near future might reveal a cholera outbreak.

Update 12.09.14 16h00: Mauritians returning on the 18th September; from Kashmir to Delhi to Dubai to Mauritius

They will now return to the island on the 18th of September. While 5 of them were to return to the country because of their tight schedule, the others have opted for a trip to Dubai before getting back to ‘paradise island’ again. After the tumultuous events, what better than signing up for the delights of Dubai?!

They are to leave India for Dubai tomorrow, 13th of September.

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