uae female pilot

UAE Female Pilot Goes Viral: Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri Lead F16 Strikes on ISIS

Air strikes against terrorist groups happen everyday, but the recent strikes on ISIS (today’s most dangerous terrorist group invading Iraq and Syria) have gone viral all over the internet. Reason: The strikes and mission were lead by a female Major of the UAE airforce, which is a first in history and a factor of great pride for the country. Many are already labeling the mission as an “epic display of girl power” in the UAE and USA.

uae female pilot

Indeed, Major Mariam Al Mansouri is the first female air force fighter jet pilot from the UAE. Major Al Mansouri has also won the Pride of the Emirates Medal for her remarkable professionalism.


The UAE this week joined the United States, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and Bahrain in implementing airstrikes against ISIS which continues to spread and invade many cities of Iraq and Syria.

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