Mauritian Firm Vita Grain Ltd Producing Rice Acclaimed by the US

The local company Vita Grain Ltd is gaining much fame abroad, namely in the US. It is praised for the quality of the rice it produces. Since June, the firm has been exporting its rice products to the US.

Vita Grain Ltd

The rice being cultivated by Vita Grain Ltd is said to contain the least amount of inorganic arsenic in the whole world, hence why it is being preferred by the Americans. The Chief Operating Officer of the company, Mick Bartlett, is optimistic that the demand will increase even further.

Since the beginning of the year, Vita Grain Ltd has harvested 200 tonnes of rice. The rice is being cultivated in fields found in the South-East of Mauritius, some of which are from the Rose Belle Sugar Estate lands. Now, to satisfy the demands, the company is planning to acquire more lands to cultivate their plants.

Another of the Vita Grain Ltd’s aims is to include small planters of sugarcane to expand their plantation areas. Mick Bartlett proposed to them to gather together into one large group forming a cooperative – the planters could gain additional revenues from rice plantation since they are already struggling with the sugarcane industry.

The rice is said to have even more advantages. In a world of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism), it can be boasted as one which is devoid of any. Furthermore, it is being marketed as highly beneficial for diabetics with its low sugar content.

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